We are a specialist residential care home which caters for the social and healthcare needs for people with enduring mental health issues. We provide a safe and secure base for our residents to reside in. We offer three whole meals a day, social activities, encourage independence and provide personal care to those who need it. The residents are key holders and are free to come and go as they please. York Lodge ensures each resident has support in accessing health and social care information, has a person centered plan of care and risk assessment which the resident agrees to and this is the basis of the care we provide. They are individually crafted for each resident and they are treated as individuals.


“A Role Model for other Care Homes”

We’re very proud of the service we deliver to our residents at York Lodge and it is very nice to receive lovely testimonials such as: declaring our home as “a role model for other care homes.” from their loved ones. Please read more testimonials below:


We are very proud of our CQC result


We are passionate in delivering person centred...

and high quality care for our residents. We are continually updating the care and support we provide each person based on their every changing needs.


Celebrating 30 Years.

We made the Local papers this summer. Click on the link below to read all about it!!


Most importantly we want the residents to be confident

to live their lives in ways which are meaningful to them. And we work hard to assist them in achieving this.

We are dedicated at York Lodge to promoting mental health awareness

and helping to erase the stigma related to mental health disorders. Please learn more at MIND.co.uk or read up on the mental health services that are available in your local area.